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Vancouver Round 90 LED

Acrylique Transparent 1229012

Please refer to our Advanced Guide to LED Lights & Drivers for more information.

Forward voltage per product is 17V.

Product information

Ampoule Fournie:
Lumen Output:
Évaluation IP:
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Support and Information

Ampoule Fournie:
Bulb Type & Wattage:
Évaluation IP:
Zone de salle de bains:
Lumen Output:
Colour Temperature:
Driver Requis:
Type de Gradateur:
Avec Interrupteur:
Orientation de l'installation:
Type de Source Lumineuse:
Cutout Diameter:
Recess Depth:

Will I need a driver for this light?

Yes, this product will require a driver.

Why do I need a driver?

A compatible LED driver must be used between the switched mains supply and the LED light. If connected directly to the mains voltage supply, this will cause permanent damage to the LED, requiring replacement of the entire LED light fitting.

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Follow the steps to determine the right driver for you. Do you want to Dim your lights?


What type of dimmer are you using?

Not sure which type of dimmer you have? Don't worry, consult a qualified electrician or the manufacturer of the dimmer switch or system. It is important you are sure before proceeding.


Sorry, there are no compatible drivers based on your current search criteria.

Please go back and try again.

Non Dimming Drivers

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Dimming Drivers

The list of drivers below are dimmable but can also be used in non dimming situations.

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Zone 1 - IP65 (or IPX5)

Light fittings in this zone must be spray-proof. Look for an IP number of IP65 (or IPX5) or higher.

Zone 2 - IP44 (or IPX4)

Light fittings in Zone 2 must be splash-proof. Look for an IP number of IP44 (or IPX4) or higher.

Zone 3 - IP20

There are no special requirements in this zone in the United Kingdom. In Ireland, Zone 3 requires IP rated products.

N.B. These regulations apply to domestic applications only, according to IEE Wiring Regulations (17th Edition), BS 7671: 2008. For non-domestic applications, please refer to your electrician.

Plus dans la Vancouver gamme

Code finition IP Rating Colour temp (K) Wattage CRI Features
1229003 Chrome Poli IP65 - Lamp excl -
Code finition IP Rating Colour temp (K) Wattage CRI Features
1229004 Chrome Poli IP65 - Lamp excl -
Code finition IP Rating Colour temp (K) Wattage CRI Features
1229013 Acrylique Transparent IP44 3000K 6W LED incl 80

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