Effective lighting and timeless style for retail spaces

Commercial lighting. It has the power to transform a space, create focal points, and influence a customer's journey. Often overlooked, lighting is a crucial consideration in visual merchandising and shop design for retail spaces.

Make a good first impression

With physical customer experiences fading, it's more important now than ever to utilise lighting tools to both help drive sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Whether you're using downlighting to encourage footfall and highlight products, or utilising an ultra-minimal glow to enhance silhouettes in dressing rooms, there are a range of ways in which considered lighting can help elevate a retail experience and leave an impactful first impression.

Before customers even step foot inside a retail space, the shop window is the first chance to capture attention and draw people in. Well-lit exterior window displays will not only help to showcase merchandise effectively, but can create curiosity and entice customers into the retail space. Solutions such as Can track light can offer incredible spotlighting, and a touch of style to any shop window.

Can track lighting
Layered lighting

Retail areas can be complex spaces, where the flow of people is anything but consistent or predictable. For retailers, guiding customers through a shop floor can become a strategic challenge, where lighting plays a pivotal role.

By layering multiple light sources, designers can effectively create depth, ambience and enhance the overall aesthetics at the same time as guiding customers through the store. To do this, a mix of ambient, task and accent lighting solutions can be used.

Ambient lighting forms the overall illumination throughout the space, ensuring it's adequately lit without creating harsh shadows or glare. In retail spaces, this can be achieved through track lighting or overhead recessed downlights - our Minima Mini, for example, has been specifically designed to reduce unwanted glare. The goal for any ambient lighting is to create a comfortable, inviting environment that encourages customers to explore the store further.

Ortona wall light


Ortona wall light


Task lighting is used as focused illumination to enhance specific activities or areas within the store. From product displays to checkout counters, to fitting rooms, task lighting ensures that customers can see products clearly. Whether that's utilising adjustable spotlights or appropriately placed desk lights, task lighting helps guide customers' attention and facilitate their shopping experience.

The final layer to consider is accent lighting, which highlights focal points within the store. From architectural features to promotional displays, accent lighting adds visual interest, drama and creates contrast. Accent lighting could be achieved through wall-mounted, adjustable fixtures, or with decorative pendants - Astro's Hashira pendant being a perfect example of this. Hashira was designed with functional environments in mind, providing excellent accent lighting with a bold visual appeal to complement any space.

By carefully balancing ambient, task and accent lighting retailers can create dynamic and visually engaging environments, captivating customers and elevating their shopping experiences.

To explore more of Astro Lighting's wide range of lighting products, you can request or download our latest catalogue today.

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