Astro Green Week 2019

As part of Astro's wider CSR strategy, Astro celebrated its first "Green Week", an initiative organised to highlight the topic of Sustainability throughout the business. The brainchild of the CSR Team, Green Week was designed to encourage employees to reduce their environmental impact, involving each of Astro's 5 global offices.

Teams were challenged to commit to at least one 'pledge' that they would keep up for the duration of the week, whether it was to reduce printing in the office, use a reusable coffee cup or taking a more eco-friendly commute into work.

As well as this, for the duration of the week there was a strong focus on how to correctly recycle, with Sir David Attenborough* policing recycling points around the office (*sadly only in cardboard form).

Astro HQ introduced a number of initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of reusing, recycling and reducing waste, including:

  • Two litter picking groups led by Astro Co-Founder James Bassant, who managed to collect 20 bags full of waste found near to Astro HQ in Harlow, UK.
  • Introduction of 'The Book Exchange', a place for employees to swap books with each other and discourage new books being bought.
  • A new recycling point for coffee capsules; these were previously thrown into general waste bins.
  • Employees were given an Astro branded 100% cotton tote bag, to stop the need for plastic carrier bags.

Green Week was a fantastic success and prompted some positive conversations throughout the business on how teams can continue to tackle environmental issues. As an organisation, Astro is developing a long term Sustainability strategy, looking at all corners of the business from product and packaging, through to operations.

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