Standard Three-Year Warranty

Astro are committed to delivering high-quality products. Our rigorous engineering and extensive testing drive us to achieve the highest possible standards. As a result of this, we are able to offer a three-year warranty from the date of purchase on all Astro products as standard. This warrants Astro product(s) to be free from any manufacturing defects. Unless otherwise stated, exterior products are not suitable for installation within five miles (eight km) of the coast or in other onerous environments.

If you have purchased your Astro product via a third party, please note that your warranty will be held with them and may have different conditions to the standard Astro warranty. Therefore, we advise you to contact your original point of purchase.

Quality Feedback Form

If you are an Astro Stockist or Retailer and wish to make a warranty claim please login to fill in our Quality Feedback Form.

The customer is entitled to free repair or replacement if the product is deemed to be faulty due to any manufacturing defects in design, material or workmanship within the warranty period upon proof of purchase, when:

  • The product defect is reported within two months of its discovery;
  • Astro is notified in writing of the claimed defects;
  • The product defect is acknowledged as such by Astro as a result of faulty design, materials or workmanship of Astro;
  • The Goods or parts thereof claimed to be defective are returned to Astro at the risk of the Customer but at the expense of Astro.

Astro shall not be liable for the failure of any Goods to comply with the warranty set in any of the following events:

  • The defect arises because the Customer failed to follow Astro's oral or written instructions as to the storage, use and maintenance of the Goods or (if there are none) good trade practice regarding the same;
  • The defect arises because of damage caused during installation;
  • The defect arises as a result of using spare parts or materials which are not provided by Astro;
  • The Customer alters or repairs such Goods without the written consent of Astro;
  • The defect arises as a result of fair wear and tear, wilful damage, negligence, or abnormal storage or working conditions;
  • The Goods differ from their description as a result of changes made by Astro to ensure they comply with applicable statutory or regulatory requirements;
  • The warranty shall not apply to any bulbs, drivers or components supplied by third parties that are incorporated in the Goods;
  • Electrical systems in use do not comply with current sector regulations;
  • Damage caused by accidents or for reasons of an Act of God, such as: lightning, floods, fires, or impact of environmental, climatic or any other conditions on the product;
  • Damage caused by transport;
  • Astro shall not be liable for damages that may be suffered, directly or indirectly, by individuals, animals and property as a result of not following the instructions or regulations applicable to the installation, use and maintenance of the product.
  • The warranty excludes lamps and control gear that fail within expected lifetime margin.
  • If Astro Lighting is unable to replace the defective product with the same it will use all reasonable endeavour to replace with an alternative of a similar specification. Due to changes in specification by LED component suppliers this is not always possible.
  • The warranty is invalid if a product is used in a coastal location when it is stated as being unsuitable for this environment.

For Coastal products, please read our Coastal Ten-Year Warranty.

To register a commercial project for an extended five-year warranty, please visit our extended warranty page.

Should you have any further queries relating to any of the above please email [email protected].

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