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Sculptural Simplicity: Plaster Lighting

When looking to illuminate your interior, plaster lighting can be the perfect option. A timeless choice that works easily into new or existing schemes, our collection of Plaster designs provide effective lighting exactly where it is needed.

Crafted from flawlessly smooth, high-grade plaster, our plaster collection blends seamlessly with surrounding architecture. Gently illuminating a space with warm, ambient washes of light encased in our sleek and tactile designs.

With crisp, geometric lines and smooth curvaceous corners, these lights are crafted from handmade materials, allowing us to achieve extraordinary detail. Plaster lights are effective in their pure-white, raw state, or painted to complement your desired interior.

Parma Wall Light

The Parma 160 wall light

Kymi 300 painted to complement its surrounds

The ability to paint our plaster lighting is a unique feature which can truly elevate a space. Thanks to the porous nature of plaster, you are able to achieve a quality finish which will truly enhance your scheme.

Kymi, a popular plaster wall light from our collection, highlights the versatility offered by our plaster collection. Casting ambient illumination up and down, this understated light looks especially elegant when used in multiples.

To find out more about best practice for painting your plaster light, visit our Painting Guide online. You can also explore our complete range of plaster lighting, including the Kymi, online.

The striking Blend wall light in its white plaster form

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