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How to use track lighting in your home

Track lighting used on a sloped ceiling in a kitchen

Image courtesy of @mytinyestate

In a living or dining room

Track lighting gives a minimal, contemporary feel; it's also a great option if you want artwork, furniture or a colour scheme to be the focal point of a space. Our track systems come in matt black or matt white: the former complements darker décor, while the latter blends into neutral surroundings. Our track configurator makes building a bespoke arrangement easy, from simple rows to L, T and U shapes.

Used in conjunction with our spotlights - Ascoli, Can, Koto and Apollo, which are all streamlined cylindrical forms - track lighting can accent a room's best features, such as display shelves, artworks over a mantelpiece, a seating arrangement or a dining table. Simply point the beams wherever they have the most impact. If you like to move furniture around occasionally, a thoughtfully designed configuration can be adapted to suit. The modular nature of track lighting allows you to be as inventive as you wish - an irregular, branch-like formation, for instance, can be as dramatic as a chandelier, but with a more contemporary feel.

Track lighting is also ideal for low-ceilinged or small spaces, as spotlights have a compact profile and reduce the need for other, bulkier light fixtures.

In a hallway or corridor 

Lighting a long, narrow passage without leaving some areas in shadow can be challenging. Here, our track system comes into its own, because you can incorporate the exact number of spotlights you need and aim them in various directions to distribute an even glow. Helpfully, this will also highlight any wall displays.

In an open-plan space

Track lighting is well suited to open-plan layouts. Use it to create a 'pathway' that guides you through the living room into the kitchen, or to minimise the dark corners that can crop up in big rooms. You can also mount tracks on walls, exposed beams, or along pitched A-frame ceilings to wash light evenly through a large space. If you have floor-to-ceiling windows, so much the better: a track will illuminate without blocking the view or interfering with natural light flow.

In a home office

Bright, even task lighting is vital in a workspace - not just for practical reasons, but also for the sake of your eyesight. Having just one or two fittings can make for gloomy zones, but a track with multiple spotlights solves the problem. Whether you mount it on the ceiling or the walls, ensure you can easily change the spotlight angles as required - when moving between your desk and bookshelves, for instance.

Discover our complete range of track lighting and make use of our track lighting configurator tool online.

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