Sustainability isn’t a passing trend

Or a buzzword of the moment

Our vision is a future where business, people, and the planet can live more harmoniously together. It's rarely simple, but small acts that challenge the way we do things today, will ultimately lead to real and meaningful change tomorrow.

John Fearon & James Bassant


Our 2030 Commitments 

We have set long-term goals which guide each decision we make. Our three prioritised goals are linked to the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Sustainability in Design

There are many ideas around what makes lighting sustainable. We believe it is about being mindful of the whole lifecycle, making responsible design and engineering choices at every stage - from the very first concept sketches, through to the end of the product's life. We demonstrate this way of thinking through our set of guiding principles.

Adapting our materials

Goodbye to single use plastics

Making a difference in our communities

A Greener HQ 

Sustainability is at the forefront of our business choices and inspires all of those that work here at Astro. This passion is reflected in our work environment, and at our global head office in the United Kingdom.

Solar panels 

Our HQ is powered by 460 solar panels. We generate more energy than we consume, meaning we send any surplus back to the national grid.

Our garden 

We've designed our garden area to be wildlife-friendly, including bird boxes created by our very own engineers.

Protect our surroundings 

We actively help to maintain and protect areas surrounding our head office, organising green weeks, which include litter picks around our neighbouring chalk river, a rare and vulnerable habitat.

Electric charging 

We have installed 10 electric car charging points to support our employees' move to more environmentally friendly travel to work.

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